Onewebify Referral Program

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Earn referral bonus when you share onewebify to other publishers


Web Link Monetization
App Ads
Website Monetization

Refer people you know

Share your experience with the people in your circle

Recommend our products and share our website ""

Dont forget to let us know the names you refered. Our team will mark it and added to your invoice

Share publishers contact to us

Send us the publishers contact and introduce us

Our team will contact them and provide all the assistance to onboard

How it Works

You will receive one time bonus on each referrals

If you refer 10 publishers and total revenue of each publisher crossed 1000$, then you can earn 500$ as refferal bonus.

All you need to do is, refer people and let us know their name or company name. so we mark the referral bonus and it will be added to your next invoice.

Please Note : A referral is successful when the newly joined publisher makes atleast 1000$.

Extra Benefits

Be our preffered member after 3 successfull referral, preffered members will receive fasten payments and special rate on USD conversion.

You will receive gift vouchers and staycation on preffered location after achieving certain milestones.

Products rates and Referral bonus

Products Revenue share referral bonus
Web Link 50% 50$
App Ads 30% 20$
Website Ads 40% 70$

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Last updated 10.04.2023