How did Gillingham become the only EFL club not to pay agents a penny?

At the point when the Football Association delivered a week ago the most recent entireties paid to specialists, eyes definitely moved towards the feature figures: Premier League sides puzzled up a record £272m in a year – they have dished out more than £1bn in the course of the last four seasons – with each first class club spending more on middle people than the entire of League One consolidated, including Gillingham, the lone club in the best four divisions to not compensation a penny.

Title clubs spent more than £40m in the a year to the beginning of February 2021, League One £3m, League Two £1m and National League clubs nearly £275,000, with Guiseley burning through £450. In the course of the last six seasons Gillingham have, as per the FA, burned through £86,457 on specialists’ charges, a figure overshadowed by fourth-level Salford City somewhat recently alone. Across that six-year term Manchester United have paid go-betweens £125m, and Liverpool’s £143m spend is sufficient to purchase Gillingham’s £600,000 record marking Carl Asaba multiple times.

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Gillingham are an abnormality in a time inundated with super-specialists and overspend. They won’t pay specialist charges except if they “totally need to”. “I don’t intend to pay zero,” says the club’s proprietor, Paul Scally, who praised 25 years as executive the previous summer. “There are events when I need to pay a specialist yet I attempt to evade it and do it once in a while. I don’t care for specialists. I don’t care for their business, their exchange. We oversaw before specialists tagged along and it was likely a superior world.

“For the initial 10 years I managed players or their families, here and there a specialist or an agent, yet more often than not I managed players. They would come in and we would concur an agreement. Since specialists came in it’s gone a breeze from this point forward. I think they either try not to come to us since they realize I don’t care for specialists, I’m not going to pay them a charge or will battle them over an expense … or they understand that they’ll get their major part in the shop window, we’ll build up their player, their player will at that point have more worth and on the off chance that they get offered to a Championship club they will get more cash.”

Getting down to business doesn’t mean Gillingham battle to get players through the entryway; since the previous summer they have lent twelve and made 11 lasting signings, seven of which, as indicated by the FA, included specialists. “In the event that a specialist addresses a player, the player should pay the specialist,” says Scally, whose yearly financial plan is about £2.6m. “I shouldn’t pay the specialist. In the midst of gravity, for example, we are, I’m taking a gander at each penny to make a big difference for the business. For what reason would I squander cash on specialists? We needn’t bother with them in our industry.”

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